5 Heated Clothing Items to Keep You Warm this Winter

Do you fear the day it starts getting cold? Or is winter your favourite time of year? Either way, it’s always nice to feel warm and comfortable when the temperature starts to drop. With these new heated clothing items, you can feel warm all winter long. Battling the cold temperatures can be hard, even when you’re wearing layer upon layer. The power of technology means it is now possible to keep warm even if it is -3 degrees. These heated gadgets have built in warming systems in order to heat up your body.

1: Ravean Heated jackets

Ravean offers heated jackets for both men and women. With heaters in the back, chest and pockets, you are ensured to keep warm in the winter weather. You can even control the temperature and the specific zone you want heated. These jackets offer a range of sizes, from X-small to XXX-large. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, there is also blazewear.com and thewarmingstore.com that sell heated jackets and a lot of other products.

Credits - ravean.com

2: Heated gloves

There’s nothing worse than having cold hands in the winter. Blaze Wear is one brand that sells heated gloves, designed to bring you comfort and extra heat. The gloves are battery operated and are also touchscreen compatible. Along with BlazeWear, there are now many brands offering heated gloves.

  • Ebay.co.uk
  • Amazon.co.uk
  • Primrose.co.uk
  • Sealskinz.com
  • Shandstore.com
  • Vulcansportswear.com

credits - blazewear.com

3: Heated Blanket

If its feeling cold in the house, or maybe during a long car ride, a heated blanket is amazing to keep you warm. This one from Lakeland has a digital LED control with 6 settings and only costs 1p to run for 7 hours. Lakeland sell multiple in style heated blankets for a phenomenal price. You can also buy heated blankets from

  • Amazon.co.uk
  • Dunelm.com
  • Argos.co.uk
  • Johnlewis.com

credits - Lakeland.co.uk

4: Heated Traveller Gilet

Blazewear, a brand I mentioned earlier on that sells heated clothes, also sell pieces of clothing for different sports and activities. For example, this next product - a heated gilet -has been specifically chosen for people who like to play golf. A heated gilet is a great way to keep warm when doing sports.  They have items for both men and women which is great.

“Designed for extra lightweight warmth, optimum heat control and retention, resilience and breathability”

Credits - bl​azewear.com

5: Heated Socks

There’s nothing worse than cold, numb feet in the winter. These heated socks are perfect for keeping your feet warm this winter. Sold on primrose.co.uk, these socks circulate heat around the toes via a battery that is stored at the top of the sock, with a popper fastening.

Credits - Primrose.co.uk

We hope you have enjoyed this article. Now you know just a few of the many products that are on the market if you want to stay warm this winter!