All You Need To Know About Smart Fridges

Following our last blog on gadget cyber-attacks, there were a lot of questions regarding the statement that some fridges are now able to tell you their contents!

It may seem impossible to believe, but yes, technology has developed, and your fridge is now smart enough to tell you what items of food you’re running out of, change the temperature through your smartphone and a whole lot more, including:

  • Look up recipes while you’re cooking
  • Create grocery lists and sync them to your smartphone
  • Set expiration dates for food in the fridge and remind you when they’re going off
  • Leave messages for the family
  • Show you in real time what contents are in your fridge
  • Transparent touchscreens meaning you don’t have to open the door to see what’s inside
  • Watch tv from the kitchen by casting from a smart TV

A Smart fridge is connected to your home Wi-Fi and then connected to an app on your smartphone. For example, to be able to see what you’re running out of in the fridge, multiple cameras are inserted in to the fridge. The cameras are connected to an app on your smartphone, meaning you can access the camera from your smartphone wherever you are, whether that’s next door or thousands of miles away! This is great news if you’re the type of person who forgets what they need.

You can use the app to:

  • Customize the fridge temperature by drawer or compartment.
  • Use the cameras to see what you may be running out of e.g. milk.
  • Alert you when the water filter needs to be changed
  • Turn the ice maker on or off

Can someone hack my smart fridge and find out private information about me?

You’re probably wondering, is it safe to have so many things in the house connected to Wi-Fi, even your fridge. It’s important to know that all smart technology that connects to the internet is usually under the same Wi-Fi access, including your smartphones, TV and tablets which are also connected. If you have the right security and make sure you set your own passwords, you are safe however all smart devices are at risk of being hacked. If you want to know all about cyber attacks in the home read our last article (link).

Is it worth paying the large expense for a smart fridge?

There’s no doubt that smart fridges can be very expensive. They started out being extortionate, however as more brands have become available, prices have dropped. Choosing a smart fridge over a normal fridge can now cost as little as a few hundred pounds more, or thousands of pounds more, depending on the make and model.

We have found a smart fridge to show you as an example. The one we have picked out is the Samsung Family Hub. If you aren’t interested in investing in a Smart fridge, still carry on reading as we have some cheaper options and alternatives coming up.

The Samsung Family Hub


This American fridge freezer can hold up to 32 shopping bags with its 593-litre capacity which is one of its first amazing features.

What really sells this fridge is the touchscreen, its built directly into the door and has many features including:

  • Communicating to family through sharing calendars, posting photos and even hand-written notes.
  • Streaming music
  • Watching tv while you cook

The fridge has 3 interior cameras, so you can view your fridge’s contents through an app on your smartphone.

This smart fridge retails at £2,819 on Curry’s website.

Haier American Fridge Freezer


If you’re looking for a more affordable smart fridge, we managed to find one for more than £1,000 less than the last Samsung family hub smart fridge. The Haier American Fridge Freezer retails for £599.

This smart fridge is a lot more minimal, as you can see there isn’t a touch screen on the fridge door. It looks a lot more like a normal fridge, however it still has some amazing features that make it smart.

The fridge has 456-litre capacity, meaning it can hold 25 bags of food shopping - not as much as the Samsung family hub, however it’s still impressive. One of the best features this smart fridge has is its No Frost technology - with this fridge you’ll never need to manually defrost your fridge, as cool air is circulating constantly to prevent the build up of ice.

One thing this fridge has that is quite unique is its holiday setting. You can turn the fridge off but keep the freezer running normally. So, if you’re on holiday you can turn the fridge off and keep the freezer on, saving you energy.


Now we know not everyone needs or wants every smart feature which is why we’ve found and included a product that’s affordable and will add an element of smart to your normal fridge. If you just want to be able to see the contents in your fridge while food shopping, then this is the product for you.


FridgeCam is a wireless camera that can be inserted in to any refrigerator, allowing you to see the contents in your fridge via the smarter app. Every time you shut your fridge door the camera will take a picture of the inside of the fridge and send it to the app on your smartphone.

This product is a good alternative to buying an expensive smart fridge. For just £149.99 you can turn your normal fridge in to a smart one.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned something new about Smart Fridges. Stay tuned for more interesting blog content coming up at Cover My Gadgets.