Gadget Gift Ideas for Christmas

1: Polaroid Mint Instant Print Camera

The new Polaroid instant print camera will bring Christmas to life this year. When pictures are taken from your smartphone, the small gadget will instantly print high-quality vibrant and true to life photos in under one minute. This gadget allows you to cherish the Christmas memories by having them printed. The gadget has three picture modes to choose from, Vibrant colour, black and white or vintage, all also available with the option of a Polaroid border.

Available at ARGOS: £99.99

2: Bose Noise-Making Sleepbuds

This gadget is a great gift for your partner! If they are left awake at night listening to you snoring, this will help them block out any distracting noises. They also work as a personal morning alarm. The sleepbuds are wireless and have a battery life of up to 16 hours. They come in three different sizes to choose from to ensure a comfortable fit.

Available at CURRYS: £229.95

3: Apple Watch Series 4

If you know someone who’s New Year’s resolution is to get their fitness back on track, then this might be the perfect gift. The Apple watch series 4 is more than just a fitness tracker, it also displays texts from your iPhone. The watch is available in many different colours and styles, allowing you to personalise your gift.

Available at APPLE: £399

4: Amazon Echo Plus (2nd generation)

If you know somebody who enjoys the Siri function on their iPhone, they will love this gift. The Amazon Echo Plus allows you to ask Alexa anything and she will always answer. Find out things such as traffic and weather updates, turn your lights on/off with voice commands, play your music and even listen to audio calls.

Available at A​MAZON: £109.99

5: Kitsound Boomcube Speaker

If you know someone who enjoys listening to music, but you’re looking for an affordable gift, then a speaker is a great idea.  The KitSound Boomcube is one speaker to look at, with 6 hours of play time in one single charge, it’s great for playing your favourite music through the power of Bluetooth. The gadget is small enough to fit in your pocket, making it easy to carry around with you.

Available at CARPHONE WAREHOUSE: £14.​99


6: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Maybe your looking to splash out and buy a more expensive gift for your loved one. A new smartphone is the perfect gift. Samsung have recently come out with the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus. Buying a new smartphone in 2018 is not cheap, however there is always the option to buy it on contract or split the price with another family member. The Samsung S9 Plus is a great alternative to the new iPhone models, as it’s more affordable and offers a lot of new features. This specific smartphone is known for its excellent low-light camera and its big screen.

Available​ at Curry’s: £769.00