What to do if your Smartphone is Water Damaged 

Most smartphones are now manufactured to be waterproof, however older generation phones aren’t and it’s very easy to drop your phone in the water, whether down the toilet, or in a swimming pool. Not to panic, if you act fast there is always a chance you can prevent your smartphone from being permanently water damaged. We have put together this article to show you how you can save your smartphone before it’s too late. We cannot promise these methods will definitely work, however these are the best steps to take if you are trying to fix a phone that has come in to contact with water. 

To start with, remove the smartphone from the water as quickly as possible, this sounds obvious, but the longer it stays in contact with water, the more liquid will enter the phone, meaning more damage will occur. Once you have removed the smartphone from water, there are things you can do straight away to help - and also things not to do!

What NOT to do:

  • If your smartphone switched off when in water, do not turn the phone back on.
  • Do not shake/move the phone around.
  • Do not press any buttons
  • Do not blow any type of air in to the phone, this will simply send water to other parts of the phone, potentially making the damage worse.
  • Do not heat the phone, never use a hairdryer to “dry” the water, this will not work.

What you CAN do:

  • If your phone hasn’t already switched off, do it yourself, once switched off make sure the phone is held up right.

  • Remove any protective casing on the phone, also remove the SIM card, any MicroSD cards and the battery if possible (removing the battery will not be possible on all phones).

  • Use a paper towel or cloth to dab your phone dry, try not to spread the liquid around as this can cause more damage. Soak up as much water as possible.

  • If you think water has reached other places of the phone that are harder to get to, use a vacuum to suck out any additional water from small cracks. If you are going to do this make sure all sim cards/battery etc have been removed.

  • Even if you think you have removed all water, soak the phone in a bag full of uncooked rice. Many people have heard of this technique, and it does work. Rice absorbs liquid very well and is known to be great for water damaged smartphones/gadgets. It’s important you do this straight away and do not wait. 

  • Once you have done the steps above leave your phone in the rice pack to dry for a day or two. It is tempting to turn it on straight away to see if its working, but its better to keep it switched off for at least 24 hours. Put your SIM in an old phone and if you don’t have a spare, ask a family member or friend if they have a phone you can borrow in the meantime.

  • After a couple of days remove the phone from the rice pack and insert the battery and sim card back in to the phone. You can then switch the phone back on.

  • In the hope that the methods above have worked, your smartphone should turn on. If it doesn’t turn on, try charging the phone and see if this works. If the smartphone will not charge this may mean the battery is damaged.

  • If your battery is damaged, you have the option of buying a replacement battery to see if this works, or you can take the phone to a repair shop where a professional may be able to advise you on your next steps. A professional may tell you your smartphone has been damaged to the point where it cannot be fixed. Unfortunately, this means there is no other option than to replace the phone.

  • If your phone has turned on as normal, this is great, however keep an eye out for any unusual activity such as the touchscreen not responding and the speakers not working correctly.

For future reference, if you are someone who tends to be clumsy and is known to drop things, you may want to invest in a water-resistant case or a new smartphone that is specifically waterproof. The cheaper option would be to buy a water-resistant phone case, available on websites such as www.amazon.co.uk and www.ebay.co.uk/.

If you are coming to the end of your phone contract or simply want to buy a new phone, it is a good idea to invest in a waterproof smartphone. Smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 7 and above models are waterproof, along with the Samsung Galaxy 8, Sony Xperia XZ and the HTC U11 and many others.

If you do buy a new smartphone, be sure to remember that many waterproof smartphones are guaranteed waterproof only during certain situations, for example the depth of water and length of time it can be under water.

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