Smartphones VS DSLR Cameras?

Is it worth investing your money in buying a DSLR?

Before you invest your money on buying a DSLR camera and a lens for your photography, consider using the camera that you carry around with you all the time: your smartphone. Nothing beats the convenience of a smartphone camera. Chances are your holding your smartphone already, or it’s in your back pocket, so it’s easy to take some quick photos whenever you feel like it.

You may be thinking that using your smartphone for photography instead of a DSLR isn’t remotely similar, but with today’s advances in technology, it’s easier than you may think, to capture high quality images, using your smartphone’s advanced camera features. This option is a much more budget friendly way of getting high quality pictures.

DSLR vs iphone

That being said, no smartphone has quite reached the level of a DSLR, the DSLR offers extensively more functionality. If you want to take your photography to a professional level, there’s really no comparison to a DSLR camera. However, smartphones are starting to come close, unless you need the best out there, your smartphone is probably more than good enough for everyday photography.  

How many people use their smartphone to take pictures?

statistic graph

As you can see by the statistics, photos taken on a smartphone as compared to a camera has risen massively year-on-year. In 2017, digital photos taken on smartphones represented 85% of the photos taken. So, does this mean in the next two years smartphones could take over the DSLR?

How does the iPhone X compare?

Ever since the iPhone X was released by Apple in November 2017, almost everyone has been obsessing over one thing, the camera quality. The iPhone X is the latest phone to include portrait mode. Portrait mode gives that blurred background effect mostly associated with DSLR cameras. Apple introduced it with the iPhone 7 plus, Google also did it on the Pixel 2, and Samsung has a similar feature on its Galaxy Note 8.

The two shots may look almost identical if you're viewing images on a phone screen, especially if you're viewing photos at a decreased magnification. However, if you look closely, you can see where the iPhone doesn’t measure up with the DSLR quality.

group taking a selfie

Putting it to the test

So, saying that a DSLR is better than a smartphone would just be a matter of opinion without putting it to the test and showing you the proof.

zoom comparison1

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Here, the two pictures have used the blurring effect which both DSLR cameras and smartphones now have. If you cannot tell, the picture on the left was taken with a DSLR and the right with an iPhone X. Both are pretty good quality, but the biggest difference is the softness of the DSLR. If you zoom in on the right picture you can see that the blur around the edges on the iPhone X's look slightly harsher, especially around the beard area and anything with uneven texture.

Apple vs Android:

Even though the iPhone X is great for taking pictures, there has always been a debate about which is better, Apple or Android. Even though Apple will always be very popular and successful, the iOS market is shrinking, whilst the Android is growing and in the last 5 years (2012-2017), Android’s market share has grown from 69.3 percent to 86.2 percent.

If you’re looking for an alternative option to the iPhone, the Google Pixel 2 is said to be one of the best smartphones for good quality camera use, and you might want to think of checking the pixel out considering the price difference to the iPhone X. The iPhone X is very expensive, with models ranging from £999 right up to £1,149.

The Google Pixel 2, meanwhile, prices in at a far more modest £599, while the Google Pixel 2 XL is on sale for a slightly weightier £799. A DSLR camera can range from £350 up to thousands, and that’s without all the different lenses and additional equipment that you may want.

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And if you don’t want to go with the iPhone X or the Google Pixel then you might want to check out the Samsung s8 that starts from £689 or the Huawei Mate 10 Pro from £699.

So, what’s the answer? Smartphone or DSLR?

By analysing and finding information on all things cameras and smartphones, it seems if you are living a photographer life, or you just want the best there is on the market, then you may want to invest in a DSLR camera. However, if you just want to be able to take a few good selfies, then your smartphone that you use for calls, texts and apps is probably your best option for getting the most out of your money. It seems very possible that in the next few years Apple, or Android could come out with a smartphone that does indeed match up to the DSLR quality, but for now the DSLR is still the best you can get for camera quality.

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